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    Advertising Server Domains / Recruiting Players
    Sharing the IPs for other servers on DarkMC or Discord or Forums will result in a permanent IP ban from the network and / or Forums / Discord. Advertising any YouTube Channel or Twitch is not allowed if you don’t have YouTube/Twitch Rank. You may also not ask players if they want to join a server, whether it is yours or another’s.

    Alternate Accounts
    Alternate accounts are not allowed on our network.

    Arguing over punishments
    This means that a player may not argue with a punishment given out by a staff member in-game or any other platform of DarkMC. If you think your punishment is unfairly given, you can report the respective staff member on the forums at the right department. Please note that if you keep complaining about your punishment, the punishment may be increased or you will receive another punishment for arguing.

    Asking Staff for Items, OP, Commands, or Related
    Our server does not tolerate begging for things from staff.

    Asking for nudes is prohibited
    Distributing nudes, asking a player for nudes, or asking a player to perform sexual actions on camera (especially a minor player) will result in a Permanent IP-Ban.

    Ban Evading
    Logging in an alternate account with a different ip to avoid the punishment such as ban is forbidden on DarkMC server. Your punishment will be extended and the alternate accounts will be banned along with your main account.

    Buying and Selling Accounts
    This is prohibited. If the account you’ve bought ends up being banned, we will not take it upon ourselves to unban it. If it had a history on the server before it came in your possession, then it stays on. We will also not do password resets for those accounts. Advertising or selling Minecraft accounts on DarkMC or Forums or on Discord is completely forbidden. Selling Minecraft accounts is a method for scammers to get money or other in-game goods. Outlawing these trades is the best way for us to help secure you.

    Since the items and ranks you receive when purchasing are Digital Intangible Items, there is a strict no refund policy. You can not replace the time it took to assign you your rank, and / or give back the items you received, so no refunds will be granted. Opening a PayPal dispute will result in your account being permanently IP banned on our network and other webstores.

    Chat Flood
    Sending the same message over and over again in the global chat becomes really annoying for the community to keep up with the messages that are important for them, so therefore, sending the same message repetitively and waiting just a few seconds before sending it again, it is prohibited.

    Death Threats
    Threatening a player to perform the actions of locating and harming themselves, directly or by any relation, is strictly prohibited.

    Much like our world, everyone on the server is different, from their appearance to their beliefs. That being said, we are to remain respectful, open-minded and understanding of one's differences. Any biased treatment towards another player is not allowed and will be taken very seriously. Examples of discrimination include, but they are not limited to, Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Religious Slurs, etc.

    General Rudeness
    When you are on the forums, discord and the server, please remember to be respectful to all members of the DarkMC community. Do not write something that you would consider to be rude and treat those how you wish to be treated.

    Inappropriate Behavior
    Speaking in chat about something that has sexual meaning or encourages / threat to harm a player themselves, joking about something maliciously or generally inappropriate content.

    Inappropriate Buildings
    Building offensive builds on Creative or another game-mode is NOT allowed. This includes, but aren’t limited to, builds regarding Nazism, lag machines, and/or inappropriate body parts. Plots on Creative will also be cleared, regardless of whatever other builds are on it.

    Inappropriate Items
    Selling or even showing inappropriate items is restricted. You may not show/sell an item in /ah or elsewhere that has an inappropriate name, been duped, or inappropriately styled (in regard to banners).

    Inappropriate Minecraft Usernames
    Creating a Minecraft account that contains inappropriate words for example, but not limited to sexual or offensive words are prohibited on the server and you will be punished accordingly.

    Inappropriate Skins / Capes
    They are inhibited. Capes or skins that contain sexual themes, curses, or offensive topics, are forbidden and will result in a ban from the network.

    Capes are an extension of the skin, therefore inappropriate capes will be treated the same as inappropriate skins.

    Map / Bug Exploitation
    If an exploit or bug is detected on any game-mode, we request that players not use the exploit to their advantage. Instead, please collect as much information as possible concerning the problem and report them immediately on the forums.Those found abusing the bugs will be punished depending on the rigor.

    Pretending to be a Staff / Youtuber / Player
    Impersonating is not a light offense on the DarkMC server. If you witness someone impersonating a YouTuber, staff member, or player, please report on forums.

    Participating in an on going group that is rioting on the server is not allowed and if you are caught in, you will be punished accordingly.

    Server Disrespect
    Any form of disrespect of the server is prohibited. You will be punished even if you claim it was a joke or meme. If you have any suggestions to improve the server, you can suggest them on the forums, but do not call out the server for being dumb or likewise if we don’t have a certain gamemode of thing you like. This punishment depends on severity.

    The minimal requirement for it to be classified as spam includes, but is not limited to, posting similar messages/characters continuously or a repetitive number of times within the space of a few or more seconds (3 or more lines / repetitive words).

    Staff Disrespect
    All the decisions made by DarkMC server Staff Team are considered final. Do not argue with a judgement made by one of our staff members. If you feel a staff member is abusing, please contact the Management Team privately on Discord or report them on Forums at Staff Report section.

    Players are not allowed to use words that are rude or offensive as a way of insulting someone directly or indirectly, online or offline. This includes, but is not limited to, profanities in other languages, derogatory terms, or excessively crude comments.

    Threats (Dox, DDoS)
    Threatening a player to reveal their person information (Dox) or to DDoS is strictly prohibited.

    Unapproved / Inappropriate Links
    Please do not post links to inappropriate content or offensive item names (e.g. adult content). We have young players on DarkMC server, and they shouldn’t be exposed to such things. It is also very disrespectful.

    Auto Cannons
    More than 1 stacker auto-cannons are bannable because they fire insane amounts of raiding supplies all at once and also create a lot of lag.

    Inappropriate Factions name
    Using inappropriate names for the factions is not allowed and the owner of the faction will support the punishment.

    Basically a betrayal between a member(s) of your faction. Insiding can occur multiple ways, Stealing Spawners, Mining Walls and so on. If you found that a member of your team betrayed you, you must report the player immediately on the forums with strong evidence against the player you are reporting. Please note that we will not refund any damage that your faction been through if your report will be accepted.

    Island / TP Killing
    Killing a player in an island or by requesting them to teleport into a war zone without mentioning it to the player is strictly forbidden. We do not refund any items lost, due to a player breaking this rule.

    Island Trapping
    Trapping and luring players into traps is forbidden. Some of these traps make it impossible for the trapped player to enjoy the game. This includes but is not limited to tp trapping and portal trapping. We do not refund any items lost, due to a player breaking this rule.

    Plot Trapping
    Trapping and luring players into traps is forbidden. Some of these traps make it impossible for the trapped player to enjoy the game. This includes but is not limited to tp trapping and portal trapping. We do not refund any items lost, due to a player breaking this rule.

    Camping on SkyPvP
    Camping in a match, in order to escape and other associated actions, is now a punishable offense for which you can be kicked out of the game. A warning will be given before the punishment is applied, and excessive violation of the rule or repetition in different matches will result in bans.
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